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JRock/JPop music list

New: Well, my computer is kind of a piece of crap, and everything got deleted. So, what's uploaded is all I have and if anyone has the rest and would like to donate, that would be wonderful. :)

Albums and Discographies are linked to entries that tell you the contents.
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Ai Otsuka Discography
Singles [*]
Albums [*]

Angela Aki Discography

Atsushi Sakurai
Ai no Senka [mp3]::mediafire
Tensei [mp3]::mediafire
Wakusei -Rebirth- [mp3]::mediafire

Euro Best

Vengeance for Blood (albums 1-3) [*]
Les Fleurs du Mal

discography [*]

Daisuke Asakura
Quantum Mechanics Rainbow I - Violet Meme
Quantum Mechanics Rainbow II - Indigo Algorithm
Quantum Mechanics Rainbow III - Blue Resolution
Quantum Mechanics Rainbow IV - Green Method
Quantum Mechanics Rainbow V - Yellow Vector
Quantum Mechanics Rainbow VI - Orange Compile::Mediafire
Quantum Mechanics Rainbow VII - Red Trigger::Mediafire

Dio (distraught overload)
Byakuya ni moyuru hana [single]
1. M
2. Yuki Hana
3. Garasu no umi
Byakuya ni moyuru hana ~Shi to byoudou no tsumi no naka de~ [single]
1. prayer
2. Fuzai toiu genjitsu e
3. last dance

Dir en grey
The Marrow of a Bone [*]
Withering to Death [*]
Ain't Afraid to Die mp3

Breath In

Gackt (all are mp3s)
Lust for Blood
Vanilla [Mars version]
Orenji no Taiyou -Crescent Moon Child- (with Hyde)

Genki Rockets
Heavenly Star/Breeze

Hide (all are mp3s)
Electric Cucumber
Hello Hello Hello Goodbye
Honey Blade
Hurry Go Round
In Motion
Inside the Pervert Mound
Space Monkey Punks From Japan

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds [mp3]::mediafire
Secret Letters [mp3]

Nakiyuki [single]
1. Jakuhikari
2. Nakiyuki
Sou mei kuru hi no tsuki [single]
1. Sou
2. Gekkahyoujin
3. Antei no shito
4. Kagen no tsuki

1. eternity
2. over
3. fake
1. from the end
2. baby and butterfly
3. departure
Hate mp3
Rusty Rain mp3
Season mp3
Closet Child mp3

Last Live album (36 songs)

Honey Vanity ~Retromantics mix~[mp3]::mediafire

Discography [*]

Malice Mizer Discography
Malice Mizer Discography, part 1, Tetsu Era
Malice Mizer Discography, part 2, Gackt Era [*]
Malice Mizer Discography, part 3, Klaha Era
Malice Mizer Discography, part 4, Random Stuff

Matenrou Opera
Alkaloid Showcase [single]
1. Alkaloid Showcase
2. Kaze no tori

Are you ready to rock? ~Rhythm Battle Mix~ mp3
Señor Señora Señorita mp3
Freedom Fighters mp3

Yuuyami Suicide mp3
Dramatic Neo Anniversary mp3
Smiley Skeleton mp3

Psycho le Cemu
Yume Kazaguruma [mp3]::mediafire

Serial Number
Human Drama

Shiina Ringo
Shousou Strip

T.M. Revolution
Heart of Sword[mp3]::mediafire

Tommy february6
Lonely in gorgeous [single]
1. Lonely in gorgeous
2. Is this feeling love?
3. E-mail more
4. Lonely in gorgeous (original instrumental)

Cold Ruby [single]
1. Cold Ruby
2. Gallows Bell

Discography (singles and albums)

Various Artist Albums
HIME SKA ~Princess Ska~
Japansque Rock Collectionz Cure II
All Apologies -Nirvana Tribute- [*]
Kazen Para Para Presents: J-Euro Best [*]
The Phantom of the Opera (Japanese Cast) Soundtrack

Random Music
Memoirs of a Geisha OST [*]

Hyde Chanting Fuck.wmv
Baroque - Nutty a hermit.mpg
Buck-Tick - mienaimono wo miyoutosuru gokai subete gokai da.avi
Buck-Tick - Sexual XXXXX.mpg
Dir en grey - [KR]Cube.wmv
Dir en grey - Ain't Afraid to Die.wmv
Dir en grey - Cleaver Sleazoid.wmv
Dir en grey - Merciless Cult.mpg
Dir en grey - Obscure.avi
Dir en grey - Ryoujoku no Ame.mpg
Dir en grey - The Final.mpg
Dir en grey - Yokan.mpg
Gackt - Vanilla.mpg
Hide - Beauty and Stupid.mpg
Hide - Lemoned I Scream.wmv
Hide - Pink Spider.mpg
Hide - Rocket Dive.wmv
Hyde - Secret Letters.wmv
Malice Mizer - Beast of Blood.mpg
Malice Mizer - Illuminati.mpg
Malice Mizer - Nps Ngs (live).mpg
Orange Range - Shanghai Honey.mpg
Pierrot - Yuuyami Suicide.mpg (aired ver.)
Pierrot - Yuuyami Suicide.mpg (unaired ver.)
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KRock/KPop music list

Here is my KRock/Kpop playlist! All are albums unless otherwise stated. Click on the album link for the tracklist.
Also check out my JRock/JPop playlist!

Cherry Filter
Vol. 1 Head Up
Vol. 2 Made in Korea
Vol. 3 The Third Eye
Vol. 4 Peace N' Rock N' Roll

The First Blooming

Seo Taiji
Take One

Seo Taiji - Internet War
Seo Taiji - Live Wire
Seo Taiji - Robot
Seo Taiji - Ultramania

Random mp3's
H.O.T - Haengbok
Super Junior - U (chinese)
Super Junior - U (korean)
Turbo - History (feat. Harisu)::Mediafire
iloveegg.com - The I Love Egg Song
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Buck-Tick discography

Sorry, I really don't have time to type up all the tracklists for this HUGE disco. So I've instead linked to Wiki for the disco. Sorry, guys. I'm just too busy to type up everything in the Buck-Tick disco. Perhaps in the future I'll get around to it.

Link to disco

I'm only missing:
Tensei no REVOLVER (because it hasn't been released yet! ^^)
Akuma to Freud- Climax Together 2004 (-悪魔とフロイト-; -Devil and Freud-)

Taiyo no korosareta [mp3]-mediafire
Kyokutou I LOVE YOU [album]-mediafire
Hurry up Mode [album]-mediafire
Mona Lisa OVERDRIVE [album]-mediafire
At the Night Side(live) [album]-mediafire
13kai wa Gekkou [album]-mediafire
Alice in Wonder Underground [single]-mediafire
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Les Fleurs du Mal tracklist

Les Fleurs du Mal by BLOOD
1. Spleen
2. Le Revenant
3. La Fin de la Journee
4. Danse Macabre
5. Brumes et Pluies
6. Les Litanies de Satan (Industrial Ver.)
7. Obsession
8. L'irreparable
9. Les Litanies de Satan (Brutal Autism Mix)
10. Le Revenant (Hypnotic Sensual Breath Mix)
11. Brumes et Pluies (-quiche- Mix)
12. La Fin de la Journee (Dreamscape Recollection Mix)
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Phantom of the Opera tracklist

The Phantom of the Opera (Japanese ver.)
1. Prologue
2. Overature
3. Dress Rehearsal of Hannibal
4. Think of Me
5. Angel of Music
6. Little Lotte
7. The Mirror (Angel of Music)
8. The Phantom of the Opera
9. Music of the Night
10. I Remember (Stranger than you dreamt it)
11. Magical Lasso
12. Notes
13. Prima Donna
14. Poor Fool, He Makes Me Laugh
15. Why Have You Brought Me Here?
16. All I Ask of You
17. Entr'acte
18. Masquerade (Why so silent)
19. Notes -Twisted Every Way-
20. Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
21. Don Juan Triumphant
22. Point of No Return
23. Down Once More -Track Down That Murderer-
24. Beyond the Lake